World from Dawn till Dusk

Ales Lapo

Born May 15, 1987 in Klimowitz (Belarus).


Documentary director, writer, historian.

Work Experience:

2010 - The winner of the state competition scenarios for the best documentary film of a national Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus,
2012 - Finalist "Youth Prize Kino-school" (Minsk)
2012 - winner of the festival of alternative theater "Kinavarka-2012"
2012 - winner of the II Warsaw Festival of Belarusian films "Bulbamovie 2012”
2013 - winner of the festival III One Short Fest
2014 - Fellow of the Gaude Polonia
Participant competition film programs of festivals in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia.


2012 - author of a series of programs for Belarusian villages ""
2013 – „Życia nie opiszesz” ("You couldn't describe life")

„Cinema Mess”


A group of young cinemaniacs are leaving the capital in the few days cycling journey, in order to show the people of Belarusian provinces the contemporary cinema and to become acquainted with the life of the people living there.

The film will be built on the collision of two different social groups coexist in the same country. The first is the young people of the capital: active, creative and dynamic. The second is the people of the province: conservative and referring with the distance to everything new, rooted in the Soviet reality.

What will emerge from the ideological difference? - That's what will be the basis for the movie! Worth noting fact is that it is really likely that the inhabitants of the province don't need contemporary cinema and modern life. Nevertheless, our "Don Quixotes" from the capital think of it in a differently.


This story has the comedy potential. Organization of photos will be done in this regard.


The film will not posses one specific character. Heroes will be "a group": on the one hand - a community of cinema-wanderers, the other - the people of the province.


Cinema-hike is planned for the end of June and July 2014.


The main purpose of the film is to familiarize the audience with Belarus without embellishments, clichés and stereotypes, the main purpose is to show it as it is really exist. Screenings, pick them by the local population and especially the confrontation of two different social attitudes will be a good means to achieve this goal.

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