World from Dawn till Dusk

Olga Zhurba

Born 27/08/1987 in Browary, Ukraine.


Graduated from Kiev Karpenko-Karego National University of Theatre, Film and Television., specialization - director of documentary


2007 - a short documentary film "Solo" (7')
2007 - video clip „Szabasz”(''Shabat")
2008 - short film „Dom na granicy” (''House on the Border") (12')
2009 - a short documentary film “Ewangelie” ("Gospels") (14')
2010 – video clip "Oseń"
2010/2011-director of promotional channel STB
2011 – Advertising of distributor of music "MuzTorg"
2011-short film ,,Nieobecność" („Absence") (7')
2012 – video clip O * Torvald ,,Bez Ciebie'("Without You")
2012 – video clip Vitalya Belan "Fairy World"
2012 – advertising of newspaper ,,Fakty'' ("Facts")
2012 - advertising clothing brand "TomFarr"
2012 - director effects, design tv ,, Czerwone czy Czarne '' ("Reds or Blacks")
2013 - director effects and themes in the TV project ,,Chcę do Viagry'' ("I want to Viagra")
2013 - the short film ,,Pomidor'' ("Tomato") (13')

„Maidan my home”

Roma is 13 years old boy and he lives "In the Heights" - it is the highest observation point of Maidan. He is surrounded by friends who are already adult people, but they suffer from post-war syndrome. All the time they are waiting for the alleged attack. What is more they refer in suspicious way to the people carrying binoculars, they are building barricades and trying to illuminate the territory around them to see the enemy. Every night, they go to scout.

For Roma the Maidan is the ideal place for life. He got here Friends, meeting with the girls, conflicts, fun, war ... Roma is happy here.

Looking at Roma and his surroundings, we see a strange world, a life on Maidan after the revolution. We observe how Maidan which has been home for many people, is slowly disappearing, leaving each of them alone with him, his fate and problems. We can see how the main characters are trying to delay the moment of farewell of Maidan and new family.

Through the events and people we get to know the specification of our hero. We begin to understand why the little Gypsy feels good in this place. Here the boy recovers from lost faith in people. Here he has the care, attention and lots of love, he learns to live with dignity. But at the same time he is absorbing the terrible side of these events: violence, aggression, death...

The film poses uncomfortable, touchy question - "child of war." How he will be when he come back home when Maidan will completely disappear? What revolution will leave behind in the soul of the little hero?

The second part of the movie will tell us about Roma's returning to home and friends. The movie will also touch the topic of the adaptation in the new changed reality, about the returning to the old life, habits and environment.

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