World from Dawn till Dusk

Denis Strashny

Born Sept. 7, 1988.


2009 - graduated from journalism and the art of cinema and television (specialty: operator cinema and TV) at the International University of Kiev

Work Experience:

Channel student worker "Wisimka" (“Eight”) (editor, director and operator responsible for the archival resources).

Operator - freelancer at television projects for Inter, ICTV, TET and cinema.

Author of social advertising campaign for the foundation OchMaDet Clinical Center, through which collected funds for the treatment of children with leukemia.

In the years 2013 - 2014 he worked actively on Maidan as the operator of a documentary on the Maidan.


2009 – ,,Ewangelie'' ("Gospels") (directed by Olga Zhurba), documentary (operator)
2010 - ,,Bohater '' ("Hero") (directed by Daria Bondarchuk), documentary (operator)
2010 - ,,Włóczęga'' ("Hobo") (directed by Anna Is), movie (operator)
2014 - ,,W polu'' ("Om the field"), a documentary (in progress)

„Me - a drop in the ocean”

"The Maidan" as part a of Ukraine's recent history is a witness of not only a political revolution. Event's of 2014's winter allowed millions of Ukrainians to find themselves again in the society and at the same time feel the strength of a national unity. In the challenge of the dictatorial regime, whole Ukrainian nation unite in fight for their rights and personal freedom and they could finally express themselves with a thousands of unique personality. This movie is just for them, with modest heroes, standing shoulder to shoulder with you.

The film will chronologically reconstruct the events and we will show their real meaning. Developers intend to present moods of the Maidan in different periods of its history and show its ideology and roles of particular people.

The authors are not merely the coincidental observers: assaults, construction of barricades, cold nights on the streets and even severe injuries - authors felt and lived with all of this with the protesters. Their personal views allow us to understand and feel the Maidan from the inside, to understand the real aims and moods of people, with great dedication and love of the homeland and changing the course of history.

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