World from Dawn till Dusk

Arciom Lobach

Born May 19, 1987 in Borisov (Belarus).


1999 - 2003 - Art School in Borisov
2003 - 2007 - State College, Artistic them. A.K. Hlebowa in Minsk
2008 - 2013 - Academy of Fine Arts in Minsk, the direction of
2011 - Warsaw Film School student

Work Experience:

09.2009 - participant of the international seminar "The film Argonauts" in Georgia
01.2011 - 10.2013 - author and editor of reports for channel Belsat


2008 - "Grodno. The New World" (first place at the International Film Festival "ZubrOFFka" in Bialystok, 2009)
In 2009 - "Kaleta" (First place at the International Film Festival "Film Podlasie attacks" in Bialystok, 2010)
2011 - Short film “House“
2011 - the short film "Sumierki" (Grand Prix at the Festival of Alternative Cinema low-budget "KinoVarka 2011")
08.2012 - a documentary film "Proste rzeczy" ("Simple Things")

„Paul from Obyrok”

Paul loves to work. He cannot live without it. Even when there is nothing to do, Paul is spending time on removing the old nails from oak and enjoy as a child, when he will find old galvanization - even pre-revolutionary.

Paul lives in the "art village" called Obyrok. Various young people "from big city", who couldn't find a place in it, they began to descend to the village. They're trying to find their way here, look for the values that was missing in their lives in the city.

After moving to the village Obyrok, Paul began to deal with his cottage, which according to the documents does not exist. Paul doesn't envy others who could afford to buy bigger houses and in better condition. He helps all the people, and they are also helping him.

Paul likes to contacts with the local residents. Their friendship is not based on common interests or ideas. They talk as about nothing, but you can see that Paul appreciates these relationships for their simplicity, that is really present in people who have no education and did not live in the city.

Very important is the spiritual balance of Paul. He is never in a rush, but knows the value of time and he never waste it. He says that he learned this as a child from his grandfather.

With Paul change of adobe he slowly began to lose recklessness that was omnipresent before in his life. He watches his buddies from hitch – hiking how they starting a family, raise children, buy old houses in Obyrok. Paul on the other hand is a solitary man. He don't have a girlfriend. He isn't interested in strange, mysterious ladies. He is certain that in proper time he will meet such a simple, hardworking and most importantly, supporting him in all his doings girlfriend.

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