World from Dawn till Dusk

Andrii Lytvynenko

Born September 13, 1985 in Chersonu (Ukraine).


2012 - graduated from Kiev Karpenko-Karego National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television. majoring in directing.
He studied in Warsaw Wajda Film School majoring in documentaries

Work Experience:

He worked at film festivals Mołodość and Gogolfest,
He organized the festival television project
He has worked on film production in Kiev.
2013 he received a scholarship of Gaude Polonia


"Bercy" short film
"Poza Euro" ("Out of Euro'') - kinoalmanach of the World Cup in football in Europe

„Reserve Askaniya”

The History of "Askaniya New" began in 1894, when the German colonist Friedrich von Falz-Fein founded a exotic reserve under the conditions of half desert steppe. To this day, there are living African buffaloes, ostriches and other foreign to Ukrainian nature animals. Around the reserve inhabit people connected with it, ordinary villagers of Askaniya New, who lead a specific lifestyle on the Ukrainian steppe.

One of them is Victor Gawrylenko - the director of the reserve. This man, combines the features of a strong host and naive child's delightful to wild nature.

With this love he began to deal with photography. Through the pictures he is trying to find common features between the lives of people and the animal world.

Another of the characters is Mykola. His half-collapsed house is located in the center of the reserve. "Happiness does not exist and it is not needed" - Mykola often says with a smile. Mr. Mykola are making flowers with bird feathers from the reserve.

Contrasts of life in the reserve and his specific sense of humor can be seen in the example of two young scientists. One of them, Paul creates a "Askaniya hip-hop", the second, also Paul - ornithologist, makes the stock of migratory birds.

Of course, people in the Askaniya New are specific and their everyday life is strange and complicated with different tasks. Description of life on the edge between wild nature and customs of a small town gives the film a comedic tone. We want to show our heroes with humor and without unnecessary pathos. We want to create an image of the reserve in the reserve.

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