World from Dawn till Dusk

Kristina Liulchenko

Born 06.04.1988 in Jakutii (Russia).


2007 - 2009 - Les Kurbas Kiev Center, Studio Theatre "ACT" in the supervision of Oleg Drach'a
2010 - I.K. Karpenko-Karego National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television. in Kiev, Specialisation in acting, directing;
Practice: a laboratory of M. Yaremchuk

Work Experience:

2006 - 2012 - work as an actress in various theaters of Ukraine
2012 - author and presenter of the program "Kinorubrika" channel "First Sevastopol TV".
2012 - 2013 - musical performances for children of the ,,Trzy pomarańcze '' (''Three Oranges") in Sevastopol
2012 - 2013 - creator of the "child's movie studio ''
2012 - 2013 - organizer of "Sevastopol International Photo + Film Festival"
2013 - "Little Mermaid. New version"-a musical for children, directed.


2011 - "Rado" ( "Joy"), a short film
2012 - "St. Patrick departs", a short film


Ukraine's history is happening before our eyes and the words spoken yesterday came true next day. Sentence of Sergei (a man that appeared in the movie): "A nation is born in the death of his best sons", after a week these words became a prophecy – his father has been killed. The second man from the film - Vitaly. He says: "I am an anarchist, I am the best companion for war" - after two weeks he goes to the captive of Russian separatists.

After the first forceful intervention of militia - November 30, 2013, at Euromaidan the Self-defense units began to form. People came from all over Ukraine and follow in its ranks from the heart to defend their dignity. Our hero Sergei Treteckij took part in all of the Maidan events from beginning, up to the end. He was also in Self-defense of Maidan, but on March 16 in Myrhorodz his father has been killed - Vasily Treteckij a founder of the center that helps people injured in Kiev. Sergei is going to Myrhorodz to continue his father's work.

At the time the Maidan Self-Defense will be transformed into the National Guard of Ukraine, which shoulder to shoulder with the police and Ukrainian command will fight against separatists in the East. Vitaliy Kovalchuk 21-year-old activist of Maidan, also joins the ranks of the National Guard. Shortly thereafter, on April 20 goes into slavery in Slavonic. The mother, who came assert his son also went into captivity. Their fate is still not known. As of 20.05.2014 in the Slavonic there are more than 300 prisoners...

History is happening so fast... boys become men. What will happen to Sergei? Is Vitaliy come out of slavery alive and well? What will be the fate of Ukraine?

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