World from Dawn till Dusk

Andrei Kutsila

Born in 1983 in Baranovichi in Belarus.


2007 - studies in journalism at the State BSU.
2009 - graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts.

Work Experience:

He participated in many international projects, such as First International Film School in BelyjeStolby (Russia, Moscow); IDFAcademy (Netherlands, Amsterdam), 15 Young by Young (Latvia - France), etc.


2008 - "Focal distance"
Jury award on the European Film Festival for Documentaries - dokumentART (Germany, Neubrandenburg)
2010 - "Kill the Day"

prize at Minsk International Film Festival "Listapad"
Grand Prix at the International Festival of Local Televisions Golden Beggar (Košice, Slovakia),
The award for best documentary at the International Independent Film Festival Kinolev (2010, Lviv, Ukraine);
First Prize in the category of short documentary film at the International Documentary Film Festival TRANSIT 2011 (Poznan, Poland)

2012 - "Enough To Freedom"
Opuzen Film Festival (Croatia, Audience Award for Best Documentary);
2013 - ,,Miłość na Białorusi”("Love on Belarus")
Award for the best documentary film at the Festival Art of Fact (Torun, Poland)

„Striptease and war”

During the day Anatol is an ordinary designer, but at night he is a Go Go dancer. He lives in a military town 10 km away from Minsk, along with his grandfather - a lieutenant colonel of reserve, who is chairman of the peripheral organization of veterans.

Grandfather's life is steeped in the Soviet past, and on the wall above his desk hangs a painting entitled "Lenin at work." Opposite this painting is a Anatole's computer, where the boy designs the fire protection systems. But this work neither makes pleasure, nor bring great profits. Therefore, Anatol constructively "building" his body at the gym, gives his skin a nice dark color in the solarium and giving all the best in practicing dance. Old military man don't like the fascination of Anatol's, and sometimes grandfather are trying to persuade his grandson to come back to the office and work in his specialty. But Anatol believe in the path he had taken, and disposes of the grandfather arguments. He likes the fast pace of life, night work, scene, cheerful audience in the clubs. When he returns in the morning from work, Anatol immediately falls asleep. At the same time his grandfather wakes up, had breakfast and go to do his organisation things. Two worlds of men sometimes are crossing. It seems that they live in the same territory, but in different worlds: the grandson of contemporary Belarus with its consumerist society, grandfather also in contemporary world but this is Soviet socialist state.

Sometimes Anatol is helping his grandfather in planting potatoes or cucumbers. And while working in the garden when a military uniform with medals is hanging in the wardrobe, and a Go-Go dancer costume dried on the balcony – they are talking about family and discuss everyday problems, and then it is hard to understand which of them live in what kind of world…

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