World from Dawn till Dusk

Kateryna Gornostai

Born 15.03. 1989 in Lutsk (Ukraine).


2006 - 2010 - Bachelor of science, specializing in "biology",
2010 - 2012 - Master of Journalism at the University National "Kiev - Mohyla Academy";
2012 - 2013 - Studio documentary cinema and theater Maryna Razbezhynej and Mikhail Ugarow


2010 - "The Press" animated short feature (the best animation festival KinomediaFestival (Kiev))
2011 - "Prawdziwe wiadomości" (''Real news") short document (best documentary at Kinomedia Film Festival (Kiev))
2012 - "Piano" short document (student work in "sucks - Mohyla Academy Journalism")
2013 - "Między nami'' ("Between Us") document short (annual work in the studio of documentary film and theater Maryna Razbezhynej and Mikhail Ugarow)

„Teeth of Lenin”

During the funeral of "Heavenly Hundreds" the whole Maidan was shouting a slogan "Heroes don't die." But, paradoxically, to become a hero and go down in history, you had to die. People who appear in this film, they are not the heroes in this sense. They simply made the decision at one point and came to the Maidan.

The film will be composed of several short stories, each of them focusing on a separate events, shows different people.


People came to the Maidan to protest against the authority, but there also appeared those people who come here not willingly, but for the money in order to protest against the Maidan. In turn, the police not from the will, but from the duty was protecting the "anti-Maidan". Then the self-defense of the Maidan, defended the police from the wrath of the common people to prevent the escalation of violence. In this the whole way chains of dependencies was created.

„Teeth of Lenin”

On December 8th the statue of Lenin was demolished. There is a lot of those who enjoyed this fact, but there are also people extremely outraged by this fact. At the time when the Lenin's statue is smashed to pieces by hammer, a woman protests that this is not right, that we have to carry it out to the warehouse and not tear it apart into shreds. Young cheer through tearing pieces of granite monument. Ambulance rushes with the help to an older man who lost consciousness, because Lenin for him is something more than a monument, he is his whole life.

"Pink on Black"

Day from the Maidan's life after the tragedy of February 22th, when the bullets of snipers killed dozens of people. We see the barricades of Maidan covered in smoke, we see the burnt house of Trade Unions with the blackened wall, we see dirty, "black" people's faces. On the black background we can see clearly visible pink, bright spot - a little girl on a pink bike. She breaks through the Maidan from the street Hrushevskoho to the Kreszczatik street, she stops and looks at the destroyed BTR.

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