World from Dawn till Dusk

Matej Bobrik

Born 08.10.1982 in Prague.


2013 – graduated from the State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz. faculty of director.
2013 – graduated from DOK PRO documentary course at the Wajda School.


2007 – "Powiedziała, że mnie kocha" ("She said, that loves me") - study school
2007 – "Aquarium" - study school
2009 – "Tam, gdzie słońce się nie śpieszy" ("Where the sun does not rush") - study school

awards, among others.:

St. Petersburg Film Festival,
Brazilian Student Film Festival
Cortopotere Film Festival Bergamo Italy,
Kinogran Student Film Festival Minsk,
The New York Polish Film Festival
Mediaschool Lodz,
Łodzią po Wiśle (Boat on the Vistula) Warsaw,
Kan Film Festival Wroclaw,
Off Cinema Film Festival Poznań

2009 – "Ewa i Marcin" (“Ewa and Marcin”) study school
2010 – "Dom śmierci" ("House of the Dead") study school
2012 – "Self (less) portrait" study school
2013 – "Odwiedziny" ("Visits'') - a documentary film
2014 – "Światło w sierpniu" ( "Light in August") - study school

„Vitia Ciao”

Every war and revolution has its songs, which aim is to unite people and keep the faith in what they are fighting for. One of the most famous songs is the song of the Italian anti-fascist partisants a song called „Bella ciao”. Even nowadays, this song is often used by demonstrators around the world, we can even say that this is the anthem of all the people who are fighting for freedom.

On November 30, 2013, the specific militias of Berkut brutally dispersed demonstrators camped on the Maidan, among them there was a journalist Azad, who was injured. It was a signal for him to create a song that will uplift human spirit. The inspiration became a song of Italian partisants. His version of ''Vitia Ciao'', which meant a symbolic farewell to Victor Yanukovich. The author of the text was Iryna, a young activist who since many years are fighting in the name of her party called ''Young Democrats'' against the power of Yanukovich.

Olga sang – the editor of the TV channel, which has so far not taken an active part in the revolution. Everything was created in one day, in underground conditions. The song became rapidly an unofficial anthem of revolution. His words saying goodbye to the president, were heard not only on the Maidan, or only across the country but also during a demonstration of support of Ukraine in the whole world.

The song was recorded spontaneously by people not associated with the music industry, because nobody from famous stars decided to take a such brave step. Nobody knew when the revolution will end and they did not wanted to risk. If people from Maidan would lose the revolution the star would be persecuted. For Azada, Ira and Olga making such a song was a civic duty.

With the sudden success of the song, there appeared also complications in the lives of the song producers. Olgas mother, who works in a state institution, was examined many times and threatened with dismissal. Iryna roommate, after a series of threatening phone calls, moved out of flat for the time of the revolution. On the other hand, after Yanukovich escape it could seemed that this song is prophetic. It predicted, for example, that the residence Mezyhiria will become a museum.

Telling the story of the creation of ''Vitia Ciao'' we will tell the stories of young people who, for various reasons get involved in revolutions and each of them are experiencing it in a different way.

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